I think back to my personal philosophy: “we must be humble, but also fill with confidence.”


Chia Ah Hoo
Segi Value Holdings

We must be humble, but fill with confidence

Whenever people ask me what makes SEGI VALUE HOLDINGS so successful, I think back to my personal philosophy: “we must be humble, but also fill with confidence.” Our confidence has allowed us to boldly expand into new markets and develop multiple business lines. Our sense of humility has made us a welcome addition to each new market because of the way we partner with the existing business ecosystem. It is this special tension between two seemingly opposing virtues that SEGI VALUE HOLDINGS has grown from a single mini market to our 9 major Klang Valley Stores today.

Today, we are poised as an up and coming player in the Malaysian retail industry. In an industry that is known for typically low-margins and intense competition, we continue to trail blaze continued successes thanks to a firm commitment ultimately to our people. In fact, I dare say that the one critical pillar to our success at SEGI VALUE HOLDINGS has and always will be our reputation as an organization known for its team spirit and culture of ownership. We have an unwavering commitment to our people – to groom them and to develop them – knowing full well that the success or downfall of any organization begins and ends with its people! At SEGI HOLDINGS, we are proud of our team and are grateful for all they contribute to the group’s continued success.

It is with that in mind that, on behalf of the Management and staff of SEGI that I reaffirm our commitment to you, our dear customers and partners, for the journey ahead. Thank you for your continued trust in us as well as for the opportunity to deliver the excellence and growth for now and into the future!

Semangat SEGI, Semangat Boleh!

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Chui Ah Hock
Managing Director

Since its inception in 1994, SEGI Group has travelled many uncharted courses and we believe that we are heading the right path with our unique business model and more importantly, our company’s direction as spelt out in our corporate vision and mission statement.

We will continue to grow our business organically through various expansion plans as the market requires the services and products that we provide and the platform for such has already been built. The resilience in the industry and the opportunities in relation to agribusiness remain strong and in demand, with increasing demand in tandem with the growing population.

The way we do business is of primary importance in SEGI as a promise to our customers by bringing value through cost effectiveness in the products we sell and the services we provide. This is vital as our corporate social responsibility and as part of our corporate mission to be accomplished to help with the ever escalating cost of living in the communities in which we operate.

Another element of importance in our business is the emphasis of our human resources. At SEGI, our core important element would be its people, who play a very important role in determining its success. Thus, we aim to do every reasonable thing to develop our people which in return will conduct our businesses as spelt out through our corporate vision and mission in accordance to our corporate values.