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Segi Group of Companies encompass various business activities that span across industries. While each business unit under the group has its own area of focus, they all function to complement each other’s operations and the overall aim of fostering a complete end-to-end grocery supply chain that delivers fresh and affordable produce to customers.

From import to export, trading to logistics, distribution and property management, each business unit was established as a natural extension of the company’s growth, which is motivated by its corporate mission to create value for the community, consumers and vendors. By maintaining sight over all aspects of its supply chain, Segi is able to ensure that the products at its wholesales stores are of good quality and reasonably priced.

Groceries, produce, and meat are directly sourced from farmers, fishermen, and manufacturers both locally and abroad, eliminating the cost of engaging middle men in order to pass on the savings to customers. The company is further able to exercise control over freshness and quality by supervising its own logistics, which includes storage and distribution to all its marketing networks and consumers.

With the extent of localization and removal of unnecessary costs, Segi is able to bring about the additional value creation with the aim of passing back the savings to its customers through competitive pricing, enhancing the freshness or helping customers to save in many other ways, including, but not limited to; buying on credit through the online sales portal, free delivery services – right to the doorstep and time saving.

Segi invests on people development, knowledge enhancement, technological investments in terms of systems and its infrastructure to help in its business activities to continue improving. it aims to supplement its business operations and supported by a robust foundation laid for growth, in tandem with the continued need for expansion to cater for its customers.

Segi also strives to partake actively in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the aim of caring and helping the less fortunate, especially within the community in where it operates. Surely, Segi’s business directions and businesses are drawn within the context of its corporate mission statement where many of its operational activities are tasked and aligned to contributing back to the community at large, for instance, providing space in the vicinity of Segi compounds for local traders and hawkers to operate their small business without any rental, and many more.

Through this holistic business model that oversees the entire farm to fork chain, Segi is able to provide a personal guarantee of value to its customers.

Our Story

Segi Value Holdings

The incorporation of Segi Value Holdings (SVH) in January 2010 as the holding company to manage all the business units marked the start of a new chapter for the group.
It oversees the total businesses that spans from import, export, wholesaling, trading through distribution channel of modern and traditional trades and supported by its own management of logistics and property investments. The group ultimately seeks to build a complete, end-to-end fresh and grocery supply chain to deliver freshness and convenience to its customers.

This is accomplished by ensuring our products in core businesses are being brought in directly from source and origin, either locally or abroad from direct farmers, fishermen or manufacturers. From there, costs derived from engaging and dealing with middlemen are removed and such savings will be passed on to end customers, as part of our corporate mission to create value to our community, consumers and vendors.
Our business model mainly attribute to the following core functions; direct sourcing, logistics & distribution and operational requirements at wholesales and retail stores. Our business emphasizes to source directly and using our own logistics to gain extra mileage in terms of distributions, we focus on the following channels as our main source to supply our products, namely; through wholesales, modern and traditional trade and our own Segi Fresh wholesales and retail stores.


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