Management Message


Non-Executive Chairman

Segi Value Holdings Sdn Bhd and its group of companies has a rich history. In the last twenty over years, it has braced many storms to be where we are today. Having grown from a single wholesales market in Selayang to a double digit stores in the Klang Valley today and still growing – reflects our modest but yet, confident approach in what we do best : serving the people in our industry.

From our humble beginning, we have succeeded because we stayed true to our core values – working as a team, ensuring integrity in all we do, developing the kind of unwavering passion in delivering our promises whilst ensuring unsurpassed level of excellence in delivering them. These values are pragmatic and important to how we conduct businesses in Segi.

The Board of Directors realized the many challenges faced in our business environment and the retail industry – both from the macro and micro perspective. We believe in long term enterprise value creation can be achieved and sustained by talented and committed people in the company.

We will continue to bring in matching talents at all level to meet our hunger for growth, whether they are new strategic shareholders, directors, management team or employees. 

…another step closer to realizing the VISION

With the personal philosophy of “We must be humble, but also filled with confidence”, we are embarking on our quest towards our corporate vision by executing our mission plans and objectives of creating values for the community, consumers and our suppliers.

This is the affirmation of our commitment for your continued trust in us as well as for the opportunity to deliver innovative ways to fulfill unmet community needs and to lead the way towards better alignment of business and societal strategies. In a nutshell, our aim is to be a good neighbor to the people and the community in where Segi operates.

It is with this in mind that, on behalf of the Board of Directors , Management and Staff of Segi that I reaffirm our continued commitment towards excellence in all we do by bringing value to our dear customers, partners and community, for the journey ahead as we take another step closer to realizing the VISION.

Semangat Segi, Semangat Boleh!


Founder & Managing Director

Our company’s business philosophy is one that is unique in its own way but yet simple. By creating value. Since its inception, Segi Group has travelled many uncharted courses but today, our focus is clear and direction is charted against our corporate vision – to be the Iconic Food Retailer in Malaysia.

Our various business plan has been put in place strategically in order to grow and expand. As the industry remain resilient and the opportunities in relation to agribusiness remain strong and in demand and in tandem with the growing population, Segi’s brand will continue to spur on its unique business model upon a readily built platform that caters for organic growth. The way we do business is of primary importance in Segi as our promise to bring value through cost effectiveness in the products we sell and the services we provide. We are able to bring about such value creation through the successful transformation of our business model over the last few years. We will continue to grow organically while seeking inorganic opportunities – steadily through prudent practices, we will see brighter future ahead.

Segi’s philosophy of creating value to the Community, Consumers and Vendors will also see us creating a niche within the community we operate by providing free tenancy to local hawkers, small and medium local manufacturers to market their own products, farmers and fishermen to supply directly to our chain stores. 

“…we are poised for growth ..

This supplements the entire eco-supply chain as well as to address the call to help alleviate localized content within the industry.

With the development of multiple business lines to strategically support our business ecosystem, today we are poised for growth as an up and coming player in the Malaysian food wholesales industry, known typically for low-margins and intense competition. As we aim to charter our growth and expansion plans, more store openings has been identified – it is envisage that Segi will achieve its’ targeted 100 stores by 2020.