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Segi Cash & Carry

Bringing the best to our customers

Segi Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd (SCC) is the pioneering business of the Segi Group, it is also the heart of the group’s operations, pumping lifeblood into the business activities of the other units that are mainly revolved around it.

SEGI is synonymous with Fresh – hence Segi Fresh, purveyors of fresh produce to Malaysians for over 25 years, and continuing. Segi Fresh concept stores, introduced by Segi Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd (SCC), the pioneering business of the Segi Group, specialises in providing fresh and quality food supply to its customers, whilst ensuring prices remain competitive and affordable.

‘Pilih Fresh, Pilih Segi’ is the tagline that fully embodies its concept – and this mission of always providing fresh produce is recognised by the many awards won by it over the years. 

All these are aimed at ensuring the following core business values adopted are reflected in all that we do:


ensuring the level of freshness at the highest possible standard


continue to add value by providing good customer service


adding more value by providing 'real' convenience

Apart from fresh produce, SCC also offers a wide category and range of grocery items that are in demand by its wholesale and end customers. The range of goods offered is constantly being expanded to adjust to changing demands and tastes of its customers. 

We care about the quality of product and every detail

Fresh from the Farm

The original business of Segi Group, SCC was initially founded as a traditional market wholesaler in September 1994. During its evolution, it was transformed into a modern wholesaler and retailer. It was a crucial turning point for the company as it led to the expansion of the business and the development of the Segi Group. SCC is also largely responsible for strengthening the Segi brand name through the introduction of its concept stores, Segi Fresh. 

The years have not diminished SCC’s significance – it is still at the heart of the group’s operations, pumping lifeblood into the business activities of the other units that mainly revolve around it. 

pilih fresh, pilih segi!

SCC is currently embarking on a massive expansion mode to reach out to its customers. With a stronghold of 50 stores located within the Klang Valley, and other states including Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, it is envisaged to achieve 100 stores by year 2022 and more beyond.

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