Segi VALUE Group Subsidiaries

Segi Realty

Segi Realty - Supporting the Growth of Business and Overall Expansion of the Group

Segi Realty (SR) was actually formed to support the growth of business units and the overall expansion of the group. As Segi continues to grow, the company will need more facilities for new retail stores and warehouses. Through its team of professional staff, SR sets out to prospect for suitable land and premises, as well as conducting feasibility studies to determine the viability of such investments. Furthermore, SR is responsible for supervising the renovation, title transfer, and build-to-lease properties for the operational use of other business units. It also manages the maintenance of all Segi’s building and capital investment.  

The machinery for growth

Group Business Units Expansion

SCC is currently embarking on a massive expansion mode to reach out to its customers. With a stronghold of 50 stores located within the Klang Valley, and other states including Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, it is envisaged to achieve 100 stores by year 2022 and more beyond.

SR seeks to continually assess existing and new business requirements of the various business units and to create value by exploring potential landmarks for expansion, especially for new Segi Fresh stores and warehouses. Its challenges lies in the provision of suitable sites that caters to the business needs as laid within the parameters determined.

Our Priority

Expansion & Phenomenal Growth

As Segi continues to grow, the company will need more facilities for new wholesales stores. Through its team of technical staff, SR oversees the group’s physical expansion by providing the following services:

• Handling the acquisition and management of all its assets and properties.

• Maintenance of all Segi’s building and capital equipment

• Prospecting for and identify land, conducting feasibility studies on viability of such investments

• Manages projects including renovation, conversion and build-to-lease such property identified. 

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