Team Culture

Core Values and Team Spirit

Segi is leveraging on its four core values to create an excellent corporate culture in lifting the quality of its staff, strengthening the corporate image and achieving its lofty goals.

There are more than a thousand employees under Segi Group. To unify the thoughts and efforts of all the workers is an enormous challenge for the management. Therefore, building a common cultural platform is an urgent task. The group’s core values are the unifying elements, providing guidelines governing the behavior, socializing and clothing its employees. The core values also directly impact the daily operations of various units and departments of the group.

Segi Core Values





A line-up of proud Segi Fresh's staff.

Recreation activities after a day of hard work.

Groomed for Success

“We have an unwavering commitment to out people-to groom them and develop them-knowing full well that the success and downfall of any organization begins and ends with its people” says Chia. The company has instituted a number of human resource development programmes that aimed at helping employees discover their strengths, hone their talents and skills, as well as fulfill their potential. In addition, Segi has developed a succession planning programme to foster and promote the continuous development of employees in order to maintain the stability of key positions in the organization so that Segi can achieve its business goals.

The group's Chairman is presenting the long-service award to a senior staff.

Segi's group chief operating officer, Chia Ah Keong is presenting a prize to the lucky winner.

The Head of Corporate Affair, Mr. Fong Leong.

A Just & Transparent Remuneration Scheme

Segi Group currently has more than 1,500 employees and is totally adjust towards the well-behaved ones because all share a common remuneration package. Segi has revised its remuneration scheme in order to monitor and take stern action against the errant workers. On the contrary, the management encourages hardworking and well-behaved employees to contribute positively with generous incentives, bonuses or even stand a chance to participate in the profit sharing schemes. We encourage employees to view the daily operations as their own business and strive for excellence. The company is confident that with the training provided, the four major corporate core values will stimulate the personal development of its employees, thus maintaining the group in leading position.

Segi Group’s staff are participating in a team-building program.

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